About me

As we all know, there is beauty all around us. Sometimes it is hard to see through the clutter of our everyday existence. But the truth is everywhere you look there is inspiration. Communicating this beauty is necessity for me.

Often elusive and fleeting,it takes technical skill and a well trained eye to capture a moment that will inspire both the author and the beholder.

I enjoy shooting pictures, filming and editing video both as my way of making a living aswell as for personal fulfilment. I was raised in Ibiza, Spain by a photographer father and fashion designer mother. Then I lived and studied in the UK where I graduated with a degree in Communications and Image studies. Over the last 15 years I have worked extensively in film and television. I have shot a number of full length documentaries and filmed and edited various docu-style television shows.

Since 2008 I have also been shooting and editing quality wedding films for clients in Spain. I am based between Southern Spain and Ibiza, but am often happily running off to distant places with a camera in my hand.

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